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New York Post Drives Mobile DNA Paternity Testing Truck to Town

As a unique way of celebrating Fathers’ Day last Sunday, the New York Post called the services of a mobile DNA testing truck to check the paternity of willing fathers and children.

Mobile Paternity DNA test from Health Street Who's Your Daddy truckThe paper enlisted Health Street to drive two units of their “Who’s Your Daddy?” Winnebago RVs along the streets of New York weeks before Dads’ special day. The mobile paternity testing facility was offered free of charge for fathers who wanted to confirm their paternity. The Post shouldered the $350 testing fee for the willing volunteers.

The DNA test involves swabbing the inner cheeks of the father and the children, and the results were released days after.

Jared Rosenthal, owner of the Health Street and the mobile testing labs, says that the results that they provide the fathers are “life-changing” and even difficult at times. After all, the test will confirm whether the child in question is really the father’s own or not.

The Post revealed the results of a few men who were willing subjects to the mobile testing program:

  • Junior Dudley, father of five, found out in a period within his marriage that his wife was cheating on him, and she even went as far as sleeping with Dudley’s own brother. They eventually separated in 2012, but the history of his wife’s infidelity haunted him and his perception of his own children. Fortunately, the mobile testing truck confirmed that all five kids were definitely his.
  • Fritz Raymond, a former Marine, has been taking care of his 13-year-old daughter ever since he caught his partner in bed with another man. Because of his partner’s promiscuity, he thought of the possibility that the child he is taking care of isn’t his. The tests, however, showed that he is the biological father, but he later admitted that he hoped that the results turned out negative so that he could sever ties with his ex.
  • Keith Padgett, 53, is the current fiance of 25-year old Shilow Gaillard, who bore a child who is now two years of age. Gaillard was unsure if her child is Padgett’s offspring, because she also slept with two other men in the past. Gaillard and her baby are now living with Padgett, who was confirmed in the tests as the child’s father.


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    Others say the advancement and presence of DNA testing centers and routines could degrade past family relationships when new biological connections are uncovered. But on the other had it appears that as this advances it will make a social need that, despite a past relationship between a social father and a youngster, DNA is everything.

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