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Study Shows Drop in Smokers in US

Fewer adults in the US are smoking, a recently released report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated.

Study shows drop in smokers in US

A recent study shows that the smoking rate among US adults has dropped.

In 2012, about 18% of 35,000 U.S. adults who participated in a national health survey identified themselves as current smokers. This is down from 19% in 2011.

Current smokers were identified as those who said they had smoked more than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime and now smoke every day or some days.

The survey results are still being analyzed by health officials and it is not yet known what may have caused the drop, although the CDC had started an aggressive anti-smoking campaign last year, which prompted an increase of 200,000 calls to quit lines.

The smoking rate in the US had been falling over the past several decades but had remain relatively stagnant at 20-21% for a number of years before the past two years’ decreases.





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