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Rihanna Professes Marijuana Love in Instagram Photos

Shine bright like a diamond? How about shining lighters for two huge joints?

Rihanna poses with marijuana in amsterdamPop star Rihanna did exactly that, as she posted pics of herself on photo sharing site Instagram last Saturday, seemingly enjoying two large sticks of marijuana while on a trip to Amsterdam. As shared in a news item, the “S&M” singer posed in a bar with two pot sticks — or more like pot “branches” — between her teeth while holding two lighters.

She uploaded two pics of herself biting the two enormous cannabis joints while wearing a veiled pink hat, a mermaid shirt and a black jacket. She placed a caption on one picture with “I’m just a girl… #Amsterdam”, while the other was captioned “Where am I??? At Heauxm!!!!!”

RiRi has been using Instagram to profess her stand to legalize marijuana. In one of her recent photos, she posted a photo of herself sitting relaxed on what seemed like a hotel room table smoking a joint with the caption “#legalizeit”.

Last April 20, known as International Cannabis Culture Holiday, she posted a photo of a cake shaped like a marijuana leaf puffing a joint. The pic’s caption read “#420 it’s a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through #DWT #backstageLife.” She was also photographed smoking a joint last January.

Amsterdam legalized marijuana use long ago, and is now home to cannabis coffee shops. Rihanna has a two-day concert in the Netherlands capital on June 23 and 24, as part of her Diamonds World Tour.

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