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Stroke Risk Potentially Higher When Taking Medicine Containing Caffeine

In spite of many studies indicating the health benefits of drinking coffee and tea, a recent study showed that taking caffeine-based medicine may increase the risk of having a stroke.

medicine with caffeine can cause strokeResearchers from Korea studied common medicines such as pain relievers and tablets for colds that contain caffeine. Lead researcher Nam-Kyong Choi, who hails from Seoul National University College of Medicine, explained to Reuters via Yahoo! News the results of their study.

“Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, causing blood vessels to tighten and increasing the pressure of the blood flow,” Choi shared. Consequently, when the blood pressure increases, the risk of getting a stroke also rises.

The study probed further on the effect of drinking coffee or tea while taking the caffeine-based medication. Results revealed that those who did not take coffee everyday wound up having a greater risk of stroke of up to three times more those who did.

Although he was not part of the research team, University of Cincinnati associate professor Dr. Daniel Woo said that the fact that “folks who drank 3 cups of coffee per day didn’t seem to have a higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke” shows that caffeine is not the killer. Dr. Susanna Larsson of the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute also supported Woo’s analysis, saying that “moderate consumption of coffee … has been associated with lower risk of all types of stroke.”

The research compared close to a thousand adult stroke patients with two other study groups: those who were hospitalized but not for stroke, and those who have been neither hospitalized nor suffered a stroke.

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