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Employee Random Drug Testing Fees Increase in Hanover Hospital

For a locality that conducts random drug testing five times a year, an increase in the price of employee testing could hurt the local government financially.

drug testThis is the case in Pennsylvania’s Hanover borough, where its main hospital has decided to increase its drug testing fees from $41 to $45, and alcohol tests from $25 to $30. Factoring in an administration fee of $50 will result to a total amount of $95.

Because the borough’s ordinance requires five random drug tests in a year, Hanover Borough will have to shell out $290 a year for worker testing.

Barbara Krebs, Hanover Borough manager, said that the issue is not the cost — which isn’t really too high. What bothers her is the “principle of the issue”. She says the hospital should not slap additional fees onto the borough. After all, “we don’t charge each time we conduct a fire drill for them,” she added in a news report.

Krebs and the rest of the borough heads have been discussing these matters with Hanover Hospital officers to iron out any further issues. The hospital’s marketing and development director Lisa Duffy said the “hospital and borough are working together regarding these matters.” On the borough’s side, Krebs shared her contentment in the opening of communication lines between them and the hospital, citing further that increases in the future shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

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