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Medical Marijuana for Children Earns Mixed Views

Medical marijuana remains to be a burning issue in debates and online discussions. This time, the focus is on the benefits and risks of using cannabis as an alternative medication for children. NBC News recently looked into the so-called “pediatric pot” prescribed to children who are diagnosed with illnesses that cannot be treated by synthetic medication or invasive procedures.

medical marijuana diabetes preventionFor Zaki Jackson, his severe epilepsy had him suffering from attacks reaching up to 250 seizures in a single day, starting when he was still 6 months old. Despite being treated with various meds, his condition did not change for 10 years until his pediatrician issued a prescription for medical marijuana.

His mother Heather was initially hesitant to use cannabis on her child, since she and her husband were conservative Christians. However, out of desperation, the parents gave the go signal to administer marijuana to Zaki. To their surprise, the child hasn’t had a seizure since eight months ago when they started the pot treatment. Zaki takes the medical cannabis in a syrup form containing high-CBD cannabis oil.

Several doctors around the country are still unsure about the safety of medical marijuana for kids. Some have suggested to pursue clinical trials before being issued to youngsters. Dr. Sharon Levy, Developmental Medicine Assistant in Boston Children’s Hospital fears that the unknown effects of marijuana might bite us in the future. “I think they’re putting their child at risk of long-term consequences of marijuana use that we don’t fully understand,” she said.

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