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NCAA Player Marshall Henderson Allegedly Had Marijuana, Cocaine Possession

Just days after NCAA team Mississippi Rebels suspended Marshall Henderson, the shooting guard is now linked to possession of marijuana and cocaine.

Marshall Henderson / Associated Press

Photo credit: Associated Press

This news bit was based on information from police officers who stopped Henderson last May while in traffic for his failure to present a proof of insurance. While the police reported to have discovered small amounts of coke and cannabis in Henderson’s car, the Ole Miss player was not arrested because he was cooperative during the traffic stop.

According to Oxford Police, there are some cases wherein incidents of this type are not slapped with formal charges, and instead police are allowed to release the person being investigated. In fact, during the traffic stop against Henderson, the illegal substances found in the car were not tested for confirmation, according to a news report.

Still, the heads at Ole Miss are not taking this situation lightly. Head coach Andy Kennedy released a statement, requiring Henderson to maintain a respectable demeanor as a representative of the Mississippi basketball team.

On a friendlier tone, Fresno State shooter Chris Herren advised Henderson to “incorporate some balance in his life and surround himself with people who have the same dream he does.”

Henderson started playing as a shooting guard for Ole Miss last year, with a career average of 20 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

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