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Pregnant Women Safe To Take Flu Shots

Good news for pregnant women who want to take flu vaccines: A recent study indicates that flu shots will not lead to pregnancy-related health concerns such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

flu shotsThis finding was released by Dr. Elyse Kharbanda of Minneapolis’ Health Partners Institute for Education and Research, as she teamed up with fellow doctors to study the case of pregnant women planning to have flu shots.

The risks from taking a flu shot are not real; contracting the flu virus during pregnancy is what’s more dangerous, according to Kharbanda. “Flu shots protect pregnant women, their unborn babies, and even protect the baby after birth,” she said in a news release.

Kharbanda added that several studies in the past have looked into the same issue, and found similar results. “These studies have shown no evidence of harm to pregnant women, to the unborn child, or to newborns of vaccinated women,” the doctor said.

The study involved medical data of more than 70,000 women who had received a flu shot at some point during their pregnancy. Looking at the condition of the women 42 days after getting the shot, the likelihood of vaccinated women suffering from pregnancy-related issues such as urinary tract infections and gestational diabetes was similar to those who hadn’t had the flu vaccine.

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