Michael Schumacher In Critical Condition After Ski Accident

Despite engaging in the very risky sport of car racing, Michael Schumacher is now in “critical condition” after injuring himself while skiing in the French Alps last Sunday.

michael-schumacherSchumacher, a seven-time champion in the Formula One racing circuit, was reported by SB Nation to have “suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and is in critical condition” according to doctors of the University Hospital of Grenoble. He is now in a comatose state after suffering head trauma, which requires immediate surgery.

The accident occurred in Meribel, France where the 44-year-old racecar driver fell during skiing and hit his head on a rock, albeit wearing a helmet. Despite this, Schumacher was still conscious when the National Gendarmerie — France’s authorities incharge of public safety and rescue operations — found him.

The champion driver was rushed to a medical station, and transferred to the hospital shortly after. It was there that doctors declared him under coma and needing surgical treatment.

Schumacher retired in late 2012 after his last race in the Brazil Grand Prix. He still holds the record for the most wins — 13 in total — in a season.

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