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Diet and Exercise Improves Insulin Sensitivity For Diabetes Prevention

Changing how a person eats or moves has long been linked with diabetes prevention, but a recent study confirms the potential benefits on a more scientific and biological standpoint.

Researchers from Saint Louis University led by Dr. Edward Weiss discovered that diet and exercise may have different effects but both result to improving management of Type 2 diabetes. The study looked into middle-aged individuals who were predisposed to common diabetes markers (overweight or engaged in sedentary lifestyle). The respondents were categorized into three groups who were subjected to either restriction in calorie intake, exposure to exercise, or a combination of diet and exercise.

While researchers expected that exercise improves glucose regulation in the body, they were surprised that diet produced better results. “What we found is that calorie restriction, like exercise, may be providing benefits beyond those associated with weight loss alone,” Weiss said in a news item. Meanwhile, as expected, the combined action of exercise and calorie restriction significantly decreased the risk of diabetes. “This study says you can be healthier if you exercise and eat the right amount of food. There is more to be gained by including both approaches in your life,” Weiss added.

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