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U.K. Agency Releases Guidelines For Flavorings in E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been included in the bad reputation list for not only being an ineffective smoking cessation agent but also containing harmful substances.

This is the reason why the British Standards Institution (BSI), a non-profit organization designed to create standards for products and services in the U.K., recently released a set of guidelines for production of electronic cigarettes, including its various components. One of the highlights of the guide is the quality and safety of flavorings included in e-cigarettes. “These guidelines lay out the ‘what’ – which includes toxicological risk assessment of flavours… and our guide explains the ‘how’,” said BSI steering committee member Dr. Sandra Costigan.

Manufacturers might misunderstand the concept of edible products and how it applies to e-cigarette components. Although the flavorings used in these products are food-grade, they aren’t necessarily safe to be taken through the respiratory system. “This means that the data available is oral and there are large data gaps. Safe to eat is not the same as safe to inhale,” Costigan added in a news release.

BSI believes that the new set of guidelines is an answer to the dearth of information about the safety of e-cigarettes. None of the draft standards and regulations tell us how to do such a risk assessment… Ours is the first sensible and practical guide to help actually conduct such a risk assessment on the flavours, based on sound toxicological principles,” Costigan said.



  1. Matthew Cheatle

    I have been using E-Cigarettes for over two years and not smoked in that time so they are effective for me so I disagree with your opening statement as do over 1.5 million people in the UK alone.

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