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Repetitive Strain Injury: Wii-itis, iPod Finger, BlackBerry Thumb

These days, terms such as “Wii-itis”, “iPod finger”, “BlackBerry thumb” and “cell phone elbow syndrome” have grabbed an increasing amount of attention as more and more people complain about aching fingers, palms, elbows and wrists.  As we have mentioned in the previous post, technology comes with a price – although it does not really need to be too high to cause considerable health damage to its users.

protect your handsRepetitive Strain Injury (RSI), the category under which all the nerve disorders mentioned fall, is a condition resulting from overusing the hands to perform repetitive or prolonged tasks. RSI can occur when we subject our joints to the same repeated actions or to a single position for extended periods of time, especially when the action or position exerts pressure on a particular point, causing the nerve to “choke”. The effects may be more pronounced for older patients who may already have developed degenerative joint disease.

While today’s gadgets are still viewed as useful and beneficial for its users, experts recommend the following ways to make sure that these devices stay safe for its users:

Minimize unnecessary use of gadgets. If you don’t need to type or key in anything, give your hands some time to rest.

Adopt stretching and strengthening exercises for the hands. Sadly, most people only exercise their hands after having developed nerve disorders or after a hand surgery. It is best to stretch the hands regularly to prevent RSI.

Assume correct posture. This not only protects you from possible back pains, it also ensures that your hands and feet are not strained to cause any nerve damage in the long run.


  1. banaras

    one day i was playing football.i fell and one of my fingers hurt.its not hte bone but i think its the strain or the muscle in the middle joint of my finger.i consulted the doctors and they couldnt solve my problem.it really made me crazy and still has a pain.what do you think?

  2. Repetitive Strain Injury - rsipain.com

    Thank you for sharing your information about RSI with the world! I had been suffering from RSI for about three years and found strength to not give up in websites like yours! It is so hard to stay upbeat sometimes…
    I wrote down everything I learned along my journey (about 22,000 words). Hope this can be a help to fellow sufferers.
    Also I am collecting other success stories. So if you have won the battle against RSI, please think about contributing your story.

    Thank you for your help!

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