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E-Cigarette Vapor Exposure May Damage DNA, Cause Cancer

Earlier studies have discovered the adverse health effects of e-cigarettes and the vapor that the products emit. New research delved into this idea further, saying that the electronic smoking alternatives could pose a threat to human health on a cellular level.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the VA San Diego Healthcare System discovered that people exposed heavily to vapor from electronic cigarettes may damage their cell DNA structures, which could be a precursor to cancer.

The study, published in the journal Oral Oncology, simulated e-cigarette vapor exposure by testing epithelial cells in the lab and exposing them to extracts of 1% e-cigarette vapor. The tests ran for eight weeks, and showed significant DNA damage on those exposed to the vapor, as reported in a news release.

While the researchers have not identified the true culprit of the DNA damage, they believe that their study is aligned to earlier findings on e-cigarette use. “The specific substances in e-cig liquids are still under investigation, as many formulations are proprietary information. However, our findings are consistent with previous assessments of e-cig effects on pulmonary tissue and cell lines, which implicated flavoring compounds as primary toxicants within e-cigs,” the study proponents said.


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