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More Than 99 Percent of Respondents Oppose Kratom Ban in Latest DEA Comment Solicitation

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The discovery of kratom as a potential pain alternative to opioids has stirred the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regarding its potential for abuse. Because of this, the agency recently sought the help of the general public by asking their opinion on whether the kratom ban should be pushed through.

The initiative aims to determine how DEA will proceed, whether to eventually prohibit the use of kratom or to allow its legal use in the United States.

Based on the summary by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and the American Coalition of Free Citizens (ACFC), 99.1 % of comments submitted to the DEA website expressed support in keeping kratom among all other legal drugs. Only a small percentage of the respondents were in favor of DEA’s kratom ban proposal, as reported in a news item.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still in the process of conducting several tests to know the safety and potential medical use of kratom. Along with the public comments, DEA will use the results of the tests to decide on whether to proceed with the kratom ban or not.

Majority of those who expressed opposition to the proposed kratom ban were identified as health care professionals, veterans and law enforcement officials. Many of them see kratom as the solution to alleviate chronic pain and other potential medical concerns that the controversial plant may be useful for.

Commenters who said no to the kratom ban said that kratom is safe to use and can be a successful treatment option for opioid addiction.

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