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Synthetic Drug 2C-B Alarms Canadian Authorities

2c-b overdose pill canada

After an influx of synthetic drugs that proliferate in society, another illegal substance has emerged in Canada. The psychedelic drug 2C-B recently figured in the news due to 6 overdose incidents in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

According to addiction counselor Rand Teed, 2C-B must have been in existence in Saskatchewan for many years, but it was only very recently that it hit the news. The effects of the drug to users in the past may not have been this serious to cause alarm.

In the news item, a man was charged with criminal negligence after he was found to carry the substance that caused serious health issues to 6 individuals.

Drug Analysis Service laboratories director Benoit Archamabault said that the lab handles about 120,000 drug samples, of which 85% of the positive results are found with cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis. Roughly 15% of the samples are found to have designer drugs.

2C-B was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, an American chemist in 1974. This drug was intended as treatment for patients suffering from psychological disorders. However, 2C-B has been found to become popular among people and used it as a recreational drug. Its effect is said to be similar to LSD and ecstasy.

It is possible that the people rushed to the hospital for 2C-B overdose were unaware of the kind of drug that they took, or they may have mistaken it for ecstasy.

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