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How Accurate Are At Home Cancer Testing Kits?

cancerYou probably have heard that there are at home testing kits that can test for cancer. These kits test for prostate cancer, a common cancer in older men.  At home testing kits can signal that there is something wrong with the PSA levels in the urine which can be a precursor to prostate cancer. The at home test kits do not diagnose cancer nor do elevated levels of PSA mean that you have cancer.

Many men who are concerned with their prostate health prefer to test their PSA levels at home, especially if they are on medication for prostate health. Because elevated PSA levels are common in older men and are often controlled with medication, many men seek to see if the medication is working to control the levels by using at home prostate cancer testing kits.

At home prostate cancer tests are made to help those who are concerned with prostate health and only measure PSA levels. They are not meant as a way to diagnose cancer. As prostate cancer is very treatable when caught early, testing PSA levels at home can help some men catch a problem before it becomes a life threatening disease.

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