Workplace Testing

Most Common Effects of Substance Abuse on Job Performance at the Workplace

Many employers are reluctant to put substance abuse testing as part of their workplace policies because they are confident of their own means of spotting users among their employees. However, being able to spot a user is usually difficult unless the employee in question has already sunk to the deep lows of his or her substance abuse.

How can employers detect if their employees are abusing drugs or alcohol? At the start, this will manifest in increased tardiness and absence from work, in missed deadlines, and in various errors in doing work due to lack of attention or better judgment. Later on, these problems will escalate to lack of dependability, repeated disappearance from work, decreased level of impulse control, or legal and financial problems. It may also come to a point when work becomes a hindrance in the mind of the user, and he or she will accede to taking a drug test just so he or she can get out of work and continue using without any disturbance.

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