Celebrity Substance Abuse

Famous Steroid Use Cases in US Sports

The abuse of steroids is highly frowned upon in the sports world because it is considered as cheating. It violates the code of conduct expected of athletes, as well as puts athletes who use performance enhancers at an unfair advantage over athletes who work solely on their own efforts.

There are cases of athletes all over the world who have admitted to using steroids. In the United States, steroid abuse was greatly highlighted when the BALCO scandal erupted. As it turned out, BALCO is a ring that supplied anabolic steroids to many superstar athletes in the United States. Among these athletes is Marion Jones, an Olympic track and field champion who was forced to surrender her five medals after being convicted of perjury for lying about her steroid abuse.

Tim Montgomery, another Olympic track and field athlete, was forced to retire after admitting to using steroids. Barry Bonds, considered one of the greatest baseball players in history, ruined his career because of his involvement with BALCO. And then we have Ken Caminiti, who was the first baseball player to admit his use of anabolic steroids.

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