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Deaths Resulting From Drug Abuse Now Outnumber Those From Automobile Accidents

car crash beat by drug abuse


The Centers for Disease Control have found that the rate of death among those in car crashes is now far outnumbered by those who expire as a result of drug use in several states across the US. Increase of this statistical difference has been making major rises in several states since 2003(when just 8 states shared this difference compared to 16 in 2006).

Of these drug related deaths the most common is overdose from drugs such as methadone, cocaine, fentanyl, sedatives and prescription painkillers of which abuse has also dramatically increased. Between 1999 and 2006 opioid analgesic overdose increased in every single age group. Rates of death in methadone users alone went up sevenfold.

In 2006 there were roughly 45,000 deaths in the US from automobile crashes and 39,000 from drug related causes. While 90% of these drug related deaths are from sudden overdose the rest are from organ failure related to drug abuse for extended periods.

Death rates in 2006 were higher for drug abuse than crashes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachutes, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Illinois, Washington and Oregon. Part of the cause for this difference is a reduction in the rate of traffic related deaths, an achievement that’s being celebrated. Unfortunately the rate of substance abuse has gone up in the last few years and as a result the rate of death has also increased, making for a wide margin between to two statistics.


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