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6 Countries Where Drug Possession Leads to Hefty Punishment

drug punishment in other countries

Drug possession is a serious offense in any country but in the following countries the offense can lead to punishment above and beyond the seriousness of the offense.

  1. Malaysia: It’s the death penalty for anyone suspected of drug trafficking in this country. This is defined as anyone who has more than 7 ounces of marijuana or half an ounce of heroine on their person!
  1. Iran: On average at least 500 drug traffickers are executes every year in Iran, that’s more than 10,000 in just a few decades! If you have even a few ounces of marijuana on you it could be as much as 70 lashings for the crime.
  1. Saudi Arabia: In a country where alcohol consumption is punishable offense it should be no surprise that drug possession and use results in public floggings, hefty prison sentences and for drug traffickers public beheadings.
  1. China: Between January of and May of 2006 alone china imprisoned over 53,000 for drug offenses. More than 22,000 of these involved non-violent drug offenses that led to life in prison or the death penalty. 470 people were executes in 2007 alone, most of them for offenses linked to drugs.
  1. Indonesia: This country has some of the most serious responses to drug possession due to its staunch anti-drug policies. Regular drug users will find themselves dealing with a 10-15 year span in prison for the offense while drug dealers receive capital punishment, death by firing squad.
  1. United Arab Emerates: This is by far one of the most fanatical countries in terms of an anti-drug policy. Drug offenders are subject to capitol punishment and those who find themselves with even small traces of drugs on their person (one man faced 4 years in prison for .003 of marijuana on his shoe) face criminal charges that lead to jail terms.

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