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Signs of Cancer Shouldn’t be Ignored in Teens


Cancer is an illness that can affect anyone at any stage of life, a fact that has long posed problems for those who develop it at a young age when illness and loss of life are unexpected and the warning signs are often either shrugged off or missed altogether. No group is more affected by this oversight than the teenager.

Teens are at an age where the early warning signs of ill health are often seen first and then analyzed by the teen who is dealing with them without asking for input from the parents. Parents no longer worry over their health in the same way that they did before they became a young adult because they’ve become more independent and better able to care of themselves. Teens are far more likely to ask a friend or classmate about a health issue then they are to ask their parents. This lack of communication and observation often leads to the matter being left alone until it becomes more serious and begins to affect the mind and body in more obvious ways.

Many of these signs are attributed to less serious problems when the patient seeks medical attention such as menstrual cycles, excess weight, poor attitude or bad behavior. Doctors can be just as dismissive of the early signs as parents assuming that many teens are simply going through hormonal and body changes common to their age group.

These Signs Could be Early Symptoms of Cancer:

  • Lethargy
  • Bone Pain
  • Fever
  • Weight Loss/Weight Gain
  • Feeling Ill With No Cause
  • Pain
  • Bleeding With Urine or Stool

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