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Parental Alcohol Abuse Causes Hundreds of Scottish Kids to Call for Help


According to records of calls to UK help line ChildLine last year the rate of children seeking help for parental alcohol abuse is twice as high in Scotland as it is in the rest of the United Kingdom. More than 200 kids called into the help line from Scotland last year with worries about their parents drinking. The majority of these kids talked about physical abuse, drinking problems and other family problems when they called. These numbers only include those who gave a location to the operators so the rate could be even higher.

Children everywhere are severely affected by alcohol abuse and the subsequent damage it causes to the family often meaning physical, verbal and emotional abuse and stress for all the family members. Children, inevitably, take the brunt of the harmful effects and the effects can last a lifetime. Anxiety, fear and worry cause these kids to grow up before their time and can even cause them to have their own drug and alcohol issues.

About .2% of the population of children in Scotland are affected by this compared to about .10% of those in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. The number of calls from Scotland matches up with alcohol related deaths in the area which are also twice as high in Scotland over the rest of the UK.

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