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Native Americans also Feel Effects of Mexican Gangs and Drug Cartels

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American Indian reservations across the US have become the target of Mexican gangs and drug cartels because of their reduced police presence and the lower income of the citizens who reside there.  As a result meth abuse has risen dramatically among the Native American population where substance abuse has long been a problem. Gang violence and drug use pose serious problems to several of these communities and tribal leaders are seeking help to resolve the matter. Three reservation officials testified before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee about the growing prevalence of these problems in their areas.

According to Ivan Posey Chairman of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe in Wyoming, only 6 police officers patrol the 2.2 million-acre reservation, a location where there are 13,000 residents. Fremont County, where the reservation is located, is the highest in violent crime and substance abuse in the state of Wyoming. According to Posey it’s the economic and social vulnerabilities and rural locations of these reservations have attracted gang activity and drug smuggling.  In the last 8 months the reservation of 9,300 residents has had two gang fights, one drive-by shooting and a homicide, all related to gang or drug activity.

Without more funding and better police coverage these problems could expand a problem that has long plagued reservations in the US. More focus needs to be given to these sorts of crimes when they may be a more manageable problem than if they’ve grown in scale. The Native American communities who suffer from these crimes are already dealing with many factors that negatively impact their society, they don’t need this negative influence for the younger generations.


  1. Debra Rincon Lopez

    This has been going on for many many years, are you saying that you are just now waking up or something. They just want to tell us this so we will hate Mexican’s like they do? All’s they want is the chance to work and earn a living just like anyone else who want’s the American dream come true. Native American’s have lived here all our live’s and still don’t live the American dream. Most of all the Native’s I know don’t share this view. We are poorer than the rest of the USA.

  2. Sick and Tired

    How long has Mr. Posey a tribal Chairmen on the Wind River Indian Reservation? And how much time has he had to delevelop and implement stickter law and order codes on the reservation? Why is there no accountablity and why isn’t there a movement to illiminate corruption in the tribal court system it’s self. Nobody want’s to be a police officer on the Wind River becase when they do a good job it is concidered a bad job by people creating corruption. The reservations a filled with forever failing systems that need a redisgn, and it starts with the leaders!

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