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Walgreens Offers Free Diabetes Testing

On Thursday, Oprah Winfrey announced that Walgreens is joining efforts towards addressing what seems to be turning into an epidemic of diabetes in the United States.

Last Friday, Walgreens’ 24-hour stores and clinics offered diabetes tests from 11 am until 7 pm for people aged 18 and above. In addition, Walgreens stores spread out across communities nationwide will have free tests available until February 18, according to a feature on the Chicago Tribune.

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  1. Theo Detlefsen

    Drinking at least 2 times per week of soft drinks, their risk of diabetes than people with fewer soft drinks than 49%. This is considered age, smoking, drinking and other diabetes-related risk factors, the conclusions reached.

  2. Oren Wolbrecht

    Researchers have found that if the long-term drink sugary soft drinks, even if it did not lead to weight gain, will increase people’s risk of diabetes.

  3. michael dailey

    Are there certain days that walgreens does the diabetes testing during the week or do they do it certain times through the year at scheduled times or during special events? If and when they do the testing would you please let me know the schedule.

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