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Damiana AKA Black Mamba A Popular Risk

A new product is becoming popular among many looking for a legal high with far fewer issues but according to officials the risk may not be worth it. Sold under names like Black Mamba, Spice, Bliss, and Bombay Blue (mostly damiana a shrub with small, yellow flowers that grows in dry, rocky climates generally found in Mexico, California and Texas smells much like sage or an herbal tea blend. ) offer a milder high and doesn’t show up on drug tests but little is known about what side effects can come as a result of its use. The product is sold as incense and carries a label stating it’s not for human consumption but its smoked or used as a tea and is widely found in tobacco stores, adult gift shops, and in some locations at convenient stores as well.bombayblue

“We don’t know very much about it,” said Brock Alder, director of the substance abuse division of Bear River Health Department. “That’s the problem, we don’t know what’s in it. Apparently it has some kind of synthetic marijuana in it. People need to be very careful. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe, doesn’t mean it’s OK.”

The herb has a reputation as a relaxant and an aphrodisiac which affects the nervous system as an antidepressant to soothe anxiety, nervousness and mild depression. With the label stating it’s not for human consumption, no regulations are in place and no ingredient list is required of what’s in the product. The cost ranges from $17-$24 for a gram and with it being widely available there are enough people using it in several demographics that some evaluation should be done soon to evade side effects for its use.


  1. RB

    The author of the article is clearly confused not drawing a distinction between Damiana an herb in use by itself for hundreds of years and various recent products which use it as a base for chemicals like JWH. The commenter Jesse Weinel is a hysterical alarmist.

  2. trueneutral2112

    Leave the consequences to the behest of the user. Quit trying to control everyone and just let people make their own choices. Marijauna should be legalized so we can focus our police and government efforts on issues that actually hold even the slightest clout. The bottom line is that if people are of legal age (18-21 years)and want to destroy their bodies or kill themselves, then they should be allowed to. As it is the peaples red, white and blue, God-given, American right to do so.

  3. Dawn Tabbert

    trueneutral2112, you are right. Why is the government now trying to control every move made by citizens? It is legal to go to the liquor store and buy a gallon of Everclear, go home and drink it, and die, and no one screams about it!!! I have never used marijuana, but I respect the fact that God created it, and I know He didn’t create any junk. It has medicinal properties, just like EVERY OTHER PLANT that grows!!! Moderation in all things. Many people cannot control themselves, but THEY should be blamed for their indiscretions, rather that blaming a plant. Just the same as believing guns kill people. PEOPLE kill people. Criminals will always have guns…… When will they outlaw knives, clubs, tire tools, hammers, etc, etc, because they too can be used as weapons?. It is all senseless. Like you said, we still have the freedom of choice, but believe this, our present government is working frantically to take our freedoms away. What these fools fail to realize is that they, by their very actions, are hastening the return of a Holy and vengeful God. They will face him…………

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  5. Thomas F. Besteder

    Many other countries have outlawed it for smoking it. The job of the government is to look out for your wellbeing. If other countries have done studies and found it to have bad side effects, why would you want to take it? It says in many studies that it effects the nervous system. So what happens with overuse or long term use when smoked? Probably studdering, twitching, slurred speech, numbing in the body. I’m sure those things are probably worse than marijuana. Anyway, you should never just go off something you’ve read. Do your own knowledge finding and put together your own truth after you know more. :)

    Peace be with you,

    Tom Besteder

  6. Rick Davies

    Iv been smoking spice for over 6 months and im healthy as an ox . i do work out and run atleast 2 times a week but iv had no other effects then that of marijuana.

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  10. above is stupid

    ami mom if you dont like when people dont spell right then get off the internet you obviously know what hes trying to say so shut up

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  12. joe

    I was smoking this last night,and i had horrible stomach pains,twitches,grinding teeth,it was like a mix of speed,weed,and maby pain pills,it was the very bottem of the container and i smoked like half a bowl.I never had any problems till last night.i don’t think ill smoke it again

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  14. Look at the past

    The Mayans smoked this very spice to treat constipation, depression, headaches. Why its legal?…There is no THC! There are other natural canabinoids that get you the same high.Just make sure it says 100% damiana leaf. Should be as illegal as weed thought…

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  16. Kdawg

    Its just like when real people behind prohibiton were the ones making all the money the same is true here its all about money.

  17. tom w

    Dawn tabben – grow up this not about god, get a grip on yourself. Let’s be honest it’s not even real is it, god (in most religions) is a word that allows corrupt maniacs to control people, its a load of horse shit. If I said I believed in vampires I would be laughed out of town, but apparently god is different? no it is not different, it just causes pain, war and provides an excuse for the idiot fanatics to bomb the fuck out of the west. Do not mention god.

  18. Micah

    I smoke mamba on the regular like blunts of the stuff i have noticed some side effects though short term memory loss, maybe some nerve decay, irregular heart beats or blood pressure problems something like that. Be CAREFUL

  19. tortulino

    Achtung-achtung: besteder (above) isnt the original fester bester tester!!! Besteder, you are a big, big, big phollastro!

  20. Tunni

    Ok I have been using Black mamba for a few months now,

    I suffer from depression and have done for years on and off (since 19 i’m now 24) Doctors and psychiatrist’s prescribed me drugs that were supposed to help my depression/anxiety (Citalopram, venlafaxine and many others) and found that they made me alot worse (a hell of a lot worse).

    I decided enough was enough and stopped taking the doctors medication and bought a pack of black mamba not really expecting it to help me as much as it has.

    Even though I still suffer at times I find smoking black mamba to be the best thing for me personally (I would not recommend this to all people in my situation, because it is different for everyone) But for me it works well and I am feeling much better than I have done in a very long time & look forward to waking up in the morning and living my life.

  21. Alex

    100% organic damiana bought from botanical shops is actually fine but the stuff sold as Black Mamba, Spice, Incense etc. etc. usually have synthetic cannabis added also known as JWH, which comes in a powder form that can be artificially absorbed onto the damiana in these products. This is what people are prodominently getting high from and not the damiana.
    JWH and other synthetic cannaboids actually have a similar effect to cannabis but they are addictive, unlike cannabis. Users smoking pure JWH powder have reported serious withdrawal symptoms after many months of daily use so these herbal incense products are of great risk but the risks are not from the damiana.

    Any product called an incense but clearly sold for people to get stoned on and are very dangerous (at least the ones with hidden synthetic ingredients), while smoking real marijuana or pure damiana is extremely safe in comparison.

  22. polly

    my fiance smoked black mamba the other night SFTER smoking this he went beserk smashing up my house and started thumping my son i had to call the police he went like a jekyl and hyde he was arrested and taken to hospital
    my advice is dont take it

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