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Drug Testing for Everyone in Sports

We have featured different drug-related stories in the world of sports, the number of which is too many to mention. If there is one thing that we noticed, however, it is the fact that while drugs – steroids, performance-enhancers, illegal substances – seem to be an issue that plagues the world of sports in general, each sport deals with the issue in their own way. In the world of professional boxing, for example, there are even differences in the way drug testing is performed based on the state where the fight will be held.

sportsA piece by Robert Weiner, former spokesman for the White House National Drug Policy Office, and Yusuf Hassan, senior policy analyst at Robert Weiner Associates, on The Charlotte Observer makes a good point regarding the use of drugs in sports. If we were to dream about being able to see sports being played in its raw form, before the dawn of what we can only call “chemical interference,” it may indeed be beneficial to have all athletes – regardless of the sport – to follow the same methods of drug testing and drug use monitoring.

It was an athlete who reportedly articulated the idea, according to the feature, as the authors related asking eight-time Olympic medalist speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno regarding drug testing in sports at a White House function. When asked if athletes in sports such as baseball and golf ought to undergo tests that are as stringent as the ones done in the Olympics, Ohno replied: “as athletes, we should all be held to the same standards. It would make sense to have one unified body testing everyone.”

Well said, indeed. But will anyone do anything with this suggestion?


  1. Matt Chaney

    Robert Weiner is just another politician out of his league regarding sport doping, as are the de facto government bodies WADA and USADA. “Olympic testing” is lousy as any in sport and Weiner has to know it, unless he never researches what he claims. Both the urine- and blood-testing systems of WADA/USADA are smoke and mirrors, invalid and unreliable and likely illegal in America, according to experts worldwide in medicine, bio-statistics and law. U.S. pro athletes would crush WADA blood-testing in trial court, for its in-house junk science and documented fallibility. This week, in fact, WADA officials were forced to confirm their blood-profiling system can be beaten by micro-dosing of drugs ranging from EPO to growth hormone. In addition, WADA officials now confirm their patented “isoform” HGH blood test is useless for stopping anyone but the most ignorant of athletes. Fact is, TESTING DOES NOT PREVENT DRUGS IN SPORT! My god, TestCountry, do your homework before parroting such garbage as what Robert Weiner wrote this week.

  2. Lee Linus

    Weiner makes a point. If we test one sport, we should test all. It serves as good example for kids who look up to athletes.

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