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Horrifying Effects of Psychedelic Drugs on MMA Fighter Jared Wyatt

An MMA fighter who is accused of involvement in the murder of his training partner is said to have been under the influence of psychedelic drugs at the time of the incident, according to a report on the New York Daily News.

The report also said that a judge in California has upheld the charges against 26-year-old mixed martial artist Jared Wyatt. He is charged with the murder of his sparring partner Taylor Powell; the two were said to have been in the belief that it was almost the end of the world and that a final struggle may happen between God and the devil.

mushroom teaAccording to Del Norte County Police Sgt. Elwood Lee, the police respondent on the scene, Wyatt had alleged that he saw the devil in Powell’s face. An 18-inch hole was cut in Powell’s chest and his heart was removed – allegedly by Wyatt. Powell’s tongue was also cut off and majority of his face was removed.

Lee also revealed that Wyatt had admitted to cooking Powell’s body parts in a wood stove, believing that Powell was still alive and that he had to stop the devil.

Wyatt had reportedly revealed to Detective Ed Fleshman that he and Powell along with a couple other friends had drunk hallucinogenic mushroom tea before the incident happened.

Billy Jo Bailey, Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, was present at the time that the group drank tea and said that she noticed a change in the behavior of Powell after drinking the tea. Wyatt and Powell reportedly figured in a fight.

Wyatt is charged with aggravated mayhem and torture, and first-degree murder.


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  2. pcr

    Mushroom tea would not make someone do this. This guy was/is psychotic and he’s using this as an excuse to get out of punishment. The others didn’t cut the hearts out of their friends.

  3. JD

    Uhhh. It’s a hallucinogenic drug. Its totally possible. You have Little to no control over your trip, and he was tripping waaaayyy to hard. People have taken LSD, opioids and shrooms and jumped from buildings because they thought they could fly, or stood in front of a train because they thought the could stop it by holding out their hand. You have little concept if reality while on a hallucinagenic drug. He’s not using it as an excuse, it still happened, and he’s still gonna get put away for it, but if he wasn’t on the drugs, this wouldn’t have happened.

  4. Ash

    Tis is sum bullshit.
    He had a psychotic break, the story about the mushroom tea is fake.

    He was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder like 2 weeks prior. His friends werent even on Shrooms. He made It all up, his friends were dead. He died. The guy wasnt his friend. He was the mail man.

    And his gf wasnt his gf….it was his mom. And the investigator was his brother.

  5. Steph

    Everyone saying it isnt his fault because “the tea made him do it” need to get real. Did anyone put a gun to his head and make him drink it? He should be held 100% accountable. The tea could make him act crazy but hallucinating or not you dont brutally mutilate and murder someone. The victim’s family will always be devistated all because jared wyatt DECIDED he wanted to trip. Stop defending a murderer. Imagine if he killed YOUR son, brother or husband? Would you defend him then?

  6. little

    I agree with you 100% Jerrod should be 100% responsible for his actions. Powells parents have to live with knowing their son was tortured and killed.

  7. ToAsTy

    If you EAT a few mushrooms, no, this won’t happen.

    If you BREW TOO MANY muchrooms, and drink it all, this could possibly happen.

    I’ve never seen elves or talk to my dog (yet), only because I take in moderation, but my gf drank some shroom tea, and thought our lil schnauzer was a floating demon, and thought I had 45 eyes.

  8. john

    Ash you are bullshit. I hate it when people that dont know what the hell the’re talking about try to talk. THE STORY IS 100% TRUE! I know jared personally. He’s obviously a nut, but he would never have done this without the shrooms.

  9. Joshua

    Mushrooms don’t kill people. People kill people. The psychedelic experience is not something to be taken lightly.

  10. Justin

    Shrooms are no joke. My friend would go out and pick mushrooms every few weekends and bring home bags full. Luckily he knew which ones to pick but if you didn’t you could die from it. Crazy

  11. jake

    Mushrooms should not be taken as a drug in any shape or form it should be taken for your own connection beyond what u can think and what you imagine. Mushrooms are a wonderful piece of our nature and should be used to there advantages for spiritual connections and creative influence AND NOT TO BE TAKEN AS A DRUG

  12. AWS

    Drugs have different effects on different people , I do believe his statement CAN be true , I`ve had a trip seeing things and hearing things that I cannot even explain , some weird shit can happen when you are high man. . .

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