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Common Excuses People Give After Testing Positive on Drug Tests

If you Google on how to tell if someone is lying about using drugs, the best thing you can get is to watch out how they behave. The sad truth about it is most drug abusers are so used to hiding their addiction that lying about not using — right in your face — becomes second nature. It’s no different when it comes to lying about why their drug tests turned out positive.

Excuse #1: It must be something I ate!

drug testYes, what we take in can affect what comes out in the drug tests. For example, eating a couple of bagels with poppy seeds in them may cause you to fail a drug test– bu do you think saying that you passed by a bagel store for breakfast would really save you from being investigated over drug abuse? Come on, times have changed, technologies have improved and standards have been modified. You surely didn’t think drug laboratories just stood idly while people claim one after another that their positive results are due to poppy seeds, did you?

Excuse #2:  I had a headache and took some Ibuprofen and Advil.

Over-the-counter drugs may actually help mask some drugs and can even be a valid excuse when someone tested positive in a drug test. Ibuprofen or Advil can produce false positives, along with a long list of drugs that can also mask other drugs like cocaine, opiates, ecstasy or LSD. This is why laboratory staff ask patients to fill out long forms, where you can declare right before the drug tests what kinds of medication you are currently taking. This way, laboratory analysts are able to put these into consideration.

Excuse #3: There must have been a mix-up with the samples!

Laboratories are supervised and monitored closely plus positive drug tests are subjected to automatic confirmatory tests, but it does not mean the system is perfect. So, if you honestly think you haven’t taken drugs yet tested positive on the drug test, ask for a re-testing. Just be sure you really are drug-free. Otherwise, you would just have caused a lot of trouble and a waste of time, effort and money for everyone involved.

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