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Out-of-Town Prescriptions Becoming a Drug Problem

People who abuse prescription drugs have found a haven where they can get the drugs they need legally — through pain clinics and doctors in Florida. It has been noted that there are about 200 pain clinics in the said area, and most of the time, parking lots are being filled by out-of-towners who have made regular visits twice a week.

prescriptionThe Colbert County Drug Task Force has been carefully monitoring the situation, and it seems that the rumors that large amounts of prescriptions are coming in from Florida are no longer rumors, but truths. A pharmacist had notified their agency when she had a prescription for more than 300 pain pills and another same prescription by another man. Curtis Burns from the Drug Task Force said that he visited the pharmacy where they got the call and to his surprise, there were a number of prescriptions for large amounts of pain killers that were written by doctors from Florida.

Just last week, the Task Force caught a man selling prescription drugs in his pawnshop in Littleville. He had one prescription for 180 pieces of 80-milligram oxytocin. Inside his office, he had 300 more pills and had five more prescriptions which were all written by a doctor from Florida.

Burns and his group already notified officials in Florida about the problem. Upon investigation, they have reported that it is very easy to contact doctors thru the internet and then people would drive all the way to the clinics to get their out-of-town prescriptions and have them filled out. Some even have the option of shipping, where prescribed meds are delivered right at their doorsteps.

This has been an issue that officials are trying to control. With no laws that hinder these transactions, it won’t be long before it becomes uncontrollable.

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