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The Team

Lena Butler

My name is Lena Butler and I live in San Diego, California and I work as a customer service representative for TestCountry.com. I enjoy spending time at home, working on my painting and spending time with my children and husband and our two pet rabbits, Carl and Lenny. I really enjoy learning about the products we sell and the industries we cater to. Things are shifting here in America, with the continual legalization of marijuana. As drug culture shifts, so does the drug testing landscape. Join me and my colleague Jennifer here everyday for more drug and general health related news as it happens.

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Jennifer Stanton

Like Lena, I live and work in beautiful San Diego, CA. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world. I studied marketing in school and never thought I’d be writing a blog about health and addiction and drug testing, but here I am and I must say I’m loving it. There’s always new, exciting stuff happening in the world of health and maintaining the blog gives me a reason to stay on top of it all. I hope you’ll join me.