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Keeping Your Home Healthy

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Lead is one of those things many people don’t think about when it comes to home safety. Well, I mean, they used to, but they don’t tend to focus on it as a real threat anymore. However, this simply isn’t the case. Some paints still contain lead as do other materials around the house. Lead is also present in gasoline.

Lead can enter the body through many means including the air, the soil, food, water and even in dust. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous to children. Children are often on the floor and down at the level where lead dust may settle. You can keep your children safe by:

– Laying a blanket on the floor during playtime.
– Always ensuring your child’s pacifier is clean.
– Cleaning windowsills with a damp cloth to pick up paint dust and chips.
– Keep children away from any paint that is chipping badly.
– Instill the habit in your children of washing their hands regularly.

These are just a few of the things you can do to keep your home safe. You can also purchase lead detector kits that inform you if you have unsafe levels of lead on various surfaces in your home or even in your water.

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Paternity Testing Saved the Day

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I’m sure you all have heard about it by now, but I still thought it was worth mentioning. As you may know, Melanie Brown–“Scary Spice”–recently gave birth to a baby girl. She claimed to know who the baby’s father was all along: her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Murphy. Murphy denied (repeatedly) paternity in the press but after a paternity test was completed, he is most definitely the father. Brown must be breathing a sigh of relief, though she seemed pretty confident from the start.

It’s amazing how people even allow things to get so out of hand they they require a test though, don’t you think? But as long as people are people, it can be useful.

Sometimes, testing can help people out. DNA and paternity tests are definitely one of those cases. Hopefully, Melanie Brown will be able to get on with her life and Eddie Murphy will live up to his duties as a father. With the ever-watchful eye of the media, I’m sure we’ll find out if anything goes awry!

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License to Sell? Drug-Dealing Teacher Gets Second Chance

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The day’s news come from Connecticut. Apparently, a man that used to teach at a school in New Haven just had his teaching license reinstated even though he was convicted of dealing drugs while he was a teacher.

This teacher’s name is Orlando Hernandez and he won’t exactly be allowed to run free, though. Even though he will be getting his teaching license back, he will be under strict supervision, subject to random drug testing and there will be limitations on his functions in the school.

This guy wasn’t exactly your idyllic image of a drug dealer. He lived an alcohol and drug-free life all the way into his thirties. However, it was after the death of his son and separation from his wife that he turned to drugs and the selling of cocaine to cope.

Normally, I’m not exactly privy to letting drug dealers near kids. But this guy seems to have just been going through a rough patch. More like a gravel pit covered in sandpaper Everyone deserves a second chance though, right? Luckily enough for this guy, he’s getting one. And with the random drug testing, he should stay on track.

Well, wasn’t that kind of an uplifting story?

Wow, I have issues with sarcasm.

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Marijuana on YouTube

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No, I don’t have a video today, but I did find an interesting news story that involves the video sharing site, YouTube. Apparently, seven 15-year old boys were suspended from London Oratory school for smoking pot, video taping themselves and then posting the video on YouTube. A school official saw the video and you can bet there was hell to pay.

Also, London Oratory is the school where former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sons went to school. Lovely, eh?

Okay, so I know that’s not “big news” but it’s drug related, right? That’s what you people want to know about, ya?

The verdict is still out on what will happen to the boys suspended from school, or in British terms “excluded”–gotta love that. If the results of this marijuana abuse are interesting, I’ll be sure to report back to you all.

Until then, this closes the late, late addition of Testing It Up.

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As I searched for a blog topic today, I came across a rather interesting blog about one woman’s struggle with infertility. If you have ever wondered what infertility is like or are going through it yourself, I suggest reading it. She discusses in detail all of the tests, procedures and issues involved with infertility.

You can read all about her fertility battle at Fertility Blog.

You can also buy at home fertility detectors to make sure you are maximizing the potential of each fertile period. Fertility detectors help you pinpoint the day(s) in your cycle when you are most fertile–meaning the time when you are ovulating and most receptive to the possibility of becoming pregnant.

So how can you tell if you’re in your fertile period? Besides the at home detector, your body does give off certain signs like:

– A slight rise in your Basal body temperature.
– Cervical mucus becomes cloudy, sticky and egg-whitey.
– A slight change in the position of the cervix–it will be slightly higher in the body.
– Slight pain in the ovaries.
– Minimal spotting.
– Tender breasts.
– An increased sex drive.

While you may not experience all of these signs, some are for certain. So, the next you want to get pregnant, pay attention to your body, use an at home fertility detector and make use of your fertile period!

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Hidden Danger: Carbon Monoxide

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One of the biggest hidden dangers in your home could be carbon monoxide. It’s a colorless, odorless gas, that when leaked into your home, can cause illness, fainting and even death. It’s so dangerous that you should really test your home. You never know what could be lurking in the air you breathe.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have a carbon monoxide leak:

– Fatigue
– Dizziness
– Headache
– Nausea
– Chest pain

You may also feel as though you have the flu when at home, but once you leave the house, the symptoms lessen.

In order to ensure your home’s CO levels are within acceptable limits you can:

– Make sure your appliances are adjusted properly.
– Open flues when you use the fireplace.
– Never leave the car running in the garage.
– Have your appliances and heating systems check by professionals.
– Use an at-home carbon monoxide testing kit.

If you follow these steps, you will do much to keep your family safe from this invisible health hazard.

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HIV Testing

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First, I want to say I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July yesterday. Mine was okay. Spent most of the day with my boyfriend in front of a fan. It’s just too hot!

Anyway, today’s blog topic is: HIV testing. It’s a serious subject and everyone should, of course, get tested. However, the attitude in this commercial may be a little too lax, don’t you think?

As the commercial began, I though, hey this looks like a lot of other commercials from a few years back. But the relieved, “I’m okay” at the end is just too hilarious. I don’t know why it’s funny, but it is.

In all seriousness though, you can get easy to use at home HIV testing kits at a low price online. You take the test at home, send in your sample to the lab (included in test kit price) and you’ll receive your results in a few days. It’s simple and accurate. Hey. Now I’m sounding like the commercial.

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Pro-Wrestler Steroid Drug Use

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the horrible tragedy that occurred last weekend. The pro-wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before committing suicide. It is now believed that the murders were fueled by Benoit’s steroid use which caused a severe case of what is commonly known as “roid rage.”

steroid drug testing

And now, it seems he was using about 10 month’s worth of anabolic steroid in 3-4 week periods. So guess who’s in some serious trouble now? You guessed it, his doctor. What’s amazing to me is that since pro-wrestling is more in the entertainment business than the sports business, a guy would even think he needed to go on steroids. It’s just ridiculous. And, it goes to show that just because you think something is all entertainment that drugs are not called into play.

So what’s next? Mandatory drug testing for pro-wrestlers? If it helps prevent another tragedy like this one that I say undoubtedly, yes.

Celebrity Substance Abuse Drug Testing

Paris Has Never Done Drugs

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Excuse me while I laugh.

Apparently, Paris Hilton said she never (ever!) did drugs in her life on Larry King the other night. King was even like, “Never?” Not even that old guy believed her!

If going to jail has changed her so much, you’d think she would have learned how not to be a compulsive liar. If Paris has never done drugs, I must be going crazy because I know I have seen pictures of her lighting up marijuana in a variety of forms.

All I know, is it would be really interesting to put a bit of her hair to the test. I can just imagine red lights flashing, alarms sounding and lab technicians running around in a panic. “I just tested Ms. Hilton’s hair sample and she broke the meters! Her levels are off the charts!”

Okay, so I know there are no meters in hair drug testing. But you can’t blame my mind for the image. Can’t you hear that lockdown alarm?

Have a nice weekend.

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Drug Testing on “The Office”

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Sorry for no post yesterday. Got caught up with work. I was on the phone with one customer for two hours! They wanted to know everything about all of our drug testing products. And I mean everything. I was actually browsing our own store website while talking to her because she was finding the most obscure products and asking the most specific questions. Glad that’s over.

Anyway, I was surfing around on YouTube on my lunch break today and found this clip from “The Office.” How fitting, don’t you think?

Drug testing in the workplace can be useful in keeping employees and employers safe and promoting a productive work environment. However, some bosses just don’t get it. However, employee drug testing, in all seriousness, is an effective way of curbing drug abuse in the workplace.