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Brooke Muller Agrees to Regular Drug Tests to Keep Twins

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Charlie Sheen is making headlines, and his ex and the mother of his 23-month-old twin boys Bob and Max, Brooke Muller, is in the news too, as she fights for the safety and custody of the twins.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and twinsMueller obtained a restraining order to keep Sheen away from her and their sons over violent comments he allegedly made. The order came after Mueller filed claims of physical abuse and threats. The police then took the twins from Sheen’s Hollywood Hills home. With Mueller also dealing with her own substance abuse problems, the twins are now with her mother.

Several reports say, however, that Mueller “will do anything that needs to be done to keep her kids” so much so that she is willing to undergo a drug test every week until her almost 2-year-old sons turn 18.

While Sheen keeps on calling himself a “winner” and everything he does as a “winning” thing, let us hope that their young kids don’t end up as the “losers” in this mess.