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Eating Raw Cookie Dough: Not a Good Idea – CDC

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It may be fun to sneak a bite or two of raw cookie dough while mom is out in the garden picking flowers, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that doing so is not such a good idea.

In a report released on December 9, the CDC issued a warning against the dangers associated with eating raw cookie dough. Among the things that the study was able to determine is a strong link between consuming ready-to-bake cookie dough and illness.

The study involved 77 patients with illnesses, from March 16, 2009 to July 8, 2009, from 30 states. Of this population, 35 were hospitalized, and 10 developed hemolytic-uremic syndrome, although none of them died. It was determined that out of 35 patients, 33 had consumed ready-to-bake commercial pre-packaged cookie dough.

The study suggested further that consumers need to educated better about the risk of food poisoning when they eat raw, prepackaged cookie dough. In addition, it may be beneficial if manufacturers recognize how people seem to love munching on raw cookie dough, and develop ready-to-bake commercial pre-packaged cookie dough that is safe to eat even when raw.

An investigation into the findings associated the dangers of eating raw cookie dough with raw flour. Flour and flour-based mixes can be contaminated with low levels of salmonella, and have been linked to salmonella outbreaks. The dangers of eating raw cookie dough were previously linked to an outbreak of E.Coli in 2009.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to the report, has been advised that several cookie dough makers may have switched to heat-treated flour. The report appeared in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.