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Judge Sets Path for Lindsay’s Recovery

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After Lindsay Lohan’s release from rehab, the judge handling her case set out a path paved for her full recovery and an end to her three-year-old drug cases.

Judge Elden Fox set up a program filled with therapy sessions and a 12-step program meeting for Lindsay’s full recovery. For the remaining 67 days of her sentence, Lohan will be expected to subject herself to drug and alcohol counseling, random drug and alcohol testing several times a week, and attend psychotherapy sessions.

Lindsay LohanIf Lindsay fulfills all these stipulations, the judge will allow her to leave Los Angeles permanently if she wishes and be on unsupervised probation. If things aren’t followed and she fails her tests, she will have to go to jail for 30 days for each violation that she makes.

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay’s attorney, says that her client is eager to show that she can do all the things asked by the judge for her rigid outpatient rehab program. Despite the difficult schedule, her client will go back to working as she is scheduled to return on the big screen with the movie “Machete” by Robert Rodriguez showing on September 3rd.

“She is very serious about her sobriety,” Holley told the judge. “She has changed,” the lawyer said. “She’s healthy. She’s clear-headed. She is positive at looking forward.” Lohan, who was released hours earlier before her lawyer appeared before Judge Fox, opted to skip facing the court again.

His decision to agree for Lohan to be released from rehab was a result of all the medical reports that he reviewed in the course of the three-year-old case. Despite the intense regimen that he issued upon Lindsay, the judge gave her an incentive to succeed as he dismissed two drug counts which the actress pleaded guilty of in 2007.

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Lindsay Lohan May Check Out of Rehab Earlier!

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After serving 13 days of her prison sentence and then immediately checking into a rehab facility, reports have claimed that Lindsay Lohan may check out of UCLA treatment center earlier than the 90-days requirement included in her sentence.  According to sources familiar with her case, she may be allowed to continue her treatment on an outpatient basis. Lindsay LohanThe program at UCLA which deals with Lohan’s case lasts only half the time of what Judge Revel has ordered for her to complete. It can be recalled that the judge gave Lindsay a sentence of 90 days in jail and 90 days in a treatment facility for substance abuse following violations she made on her 2007 probation for driving-under-the influence conviction. Lindsay will likely be an outpatient for the UCLA center or she may complete her program in another facility. The starlet was first released earlier from prison for her good behavior and as a result of overcrowding. Incidentally, Judge Revel who handled Lindsay’s case has removed herself from the case after prosecutors found out that she had communications with those connected to Lindsay’s trial without the presence of prosecutors. Judge Elden Fox takes over as the new judge. In a related interview made by Lindsay’s mom, Dinah, she blamed Judge Revel for putting her daughter in excessive jail time and “played hardball” in the case. She further defended her daughter by saying that she didn’t deserve her prison time which she shared with alleged murderers and other convicted criminals. She confirmed that Lohan will retreat from Hollywood when she gets out of rehab and move to New York. The time she spent in jail had made Lindsay “grow up considerably”, and has agreed to stay out of Los Angeles for a while to completely fix herself.

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