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Marijuana Meals: Food So Good You Need a License to Eat Them!

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When one speaks of marijuana used as an ingredient for food, one would automatically think about stuff being baked into brownies. But that is not necessarily always the case – there are apparently other ways to enjoy marijuana in dishes, provided, of course, that you have a license to have them.

We found an interesting feature regarding gourmet chefs putting a new twist into how marijuana is taken in by those who are allowed to legally use them. The most common way of using marijuana is to smoke it, but there are people who use marijuana to treat various ailments who would rather have it some other way.

chicken teriyakiA medical marijuana shop in Denver, Colorado called Ganja Gourmet provides alternatives to those who need their regular dose of marijuana. The shop serves marijuana-infused dishes, and their menu includes pizza, hummus and lasagna. Another establishment in the Mile-High City – a Caribbean restaurant – reportedly intends to offer cooking classes that will teach the incorporation of marijuana in a full-course meal.

The host of a low-budget TV show in Southern California, former hotel chef Michael DeLao, shares how he “gained a ton of weight” after starting to use marijuana, as he found himself eating a brownie everyday. His show, Cannabis Planet, has a cooking segment that teaches viewers how to use weed in such dishes as teriyaki chicken. The segment has reportedly gained quite a following.

Having these special meals, however, does not come cheap; neither are they available to anyone who is willing and able to pay for them. At the Ganja Gourmet, a whole pizza will set you back $89 – and you will only be allowed to purchase if you are able to present a medical marijuana card signifying that you have permission to use marijuana as therapy for a medical condition. Employees in Ganja Gourmet wear tie-dyes shirts that say: “Our food is so great, you need a license to eat it!”