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Great Places for Asthma Patients

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This is not meant to be a travel guide of any sort; but then again, when one has to deal with the inability to breathe well for the rest of one’s life, one may just find something such as this list from WebMD useful in both the short and long terms.

It will be inaccurate to say that these cities are virtually asthma-free. It’s just that relatively speaking – and with all factors taken into account – these places may be good for those who have to suffer through asthma. Whether you are just out to take a respite from chronic asthma or looking to relocate to a place where things have the possibility of even just a tad bit easier, here are the cities you may want to consider.

asthmaThere were ten cities on the list, and if we understood the accompanying text correctly, it seems like they were listed in no particular order. They were basically the ones who received relatively good evaluations from a list of 100 metropolitan cities that were looked into based on certain criteria. And the cities are: Cape Coral, Palm Beach and Daytona Beach in Florida; Colorado Springs in Colorado; Portland in Maine; Boise City in Idaho; Portland in Oregon; Seattle; Minneapolis; and San Francisco.

So what makes these cities “The Place” for people with asthma? Or is that even an accurate tag to attach to them? Before anything else, being on the list is reportedly not to be misconstrued as the be-all and end-all list that should influence life-altering decisions, such as relocating. Asthma is a rather relative disease, meaning different people may have equally different factors that can trigger symptoms, and decisions are to be made in conjunction with close scrutiny of air quality and other factors.

The factors include geography, weather conditions, pollen count, pollution, other allergens, and smoking ordinances.


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