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Nastiest Foods Considered Healthy Meals

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You’d be surprised to know that the disgusting, gut-wrenching food you see people eat on reality game shows are actually delicacies considered healthy in other countries. Oh yes, humans will eat just about anything we can imagine.

Tiger Penis Soup

The name alone would either make you gag a little bit or give you one sick sinister grin. Tiger penis soup is a dish from China and believed to be an effective aphrodisiac. The penis can be cooked as a soup or made into wine. For the soup, the tiger penis is soaked in water for about a week. After that it is simmered with 24 spices, including some rhino horn, tiger bone, ginseng and — hold on for this — bear gall bladder. Just delightful!

Balut as Snack or Dessert

balutBalut is a boiled duck or chicken egg with a nearly-developed embryo. Famous in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, balut is a common delicacy sold by street vendors at night. You get to choose the balut according to how mature the eggs are. Those who eat balut for the first time would find the 12-day-old eggs manageable while others prefer the nastier older-than-20-days eggs, with which you can actually feel and taste the tiny feathers and little bones in your mouth. Worst case scenario — you bite the balut, it bites back! Just kidding.

Baby Mouse Wine

Baby mouse wine is a Korean wine with — yes, you guessed it right — little baby mice, with its eyes still shut. Known to be a health-tonic, it is said that it tastes like gasoline. Just now as I try to imagine the mice in my wine, I think I would like to have the gasoline instead.